Young woman who stole goods from Pennys admits to ‘stupid mistake’ and avoids conviction



A 23-year-old woman who made a “stupid mistake” when she stole a number of items from Pennys in the Pavilions has been spared a conviction at Swords District Court.

ucia Rezmives pleaded guilty to the theft of €37.90 worth of goods at the clothing store on October 20 last year.

The court heard gardaí received a call from Pennys security staff at 4pm on the date in question to say they had detained Rezmives for shoplifting.

She had her three-year-old child with her at the time, Sergeant Patricia McGarrity told the court.

Defence solicitor Fiona D’Arcy said Rezmives is a 23-year-old mother of four who is originally from Romania.

She has never been in trouble before and had come to court with the compensation to pay for the goods taken.

The defendant is on social welfare and struggling financially and she made a “stupid mistake”, the solicitor said.

Rezmives has learned her lesson and won’t let anything like this happen again.

Judge John O’Leary said given the defendant’s young age, the fact she had no previous convictions and her guilty plea he would give her one chance and leave her without a conviction.

He found the facts proven and struck out the case.


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