‘World’s most humanoid robot’ to welcome guests at MSG Sphere


Could robot ushers be “better than the real thing?”

The Sphere, MSG’s new 20,000-person venue in Las Vegas, is set to welcome U2 to its stage on Sept. 29, but guests won’t be greeted by a human.

Aura, “the world’s most humanoid robot,” and four clones will become a guest greeting fixture at Sphere’s entrance atrium, MSG announced Tuesday.

Aura will serve as a guide who “can answer complex questions” regarding Sphere, its unique engineering and other aspects of its highly advanced technology utilized in the eye-popping concert hall. The bot will also help guests with basic questions such as directions within the venue and details on each day’s performances.

But Aura’s objective? To understand concert goers on a more “human” level.

“While I understand the most complex concepts of math and science — you remain a mystery,” said Aura.

“Your emotions, your humor and your relationship with technology require further study, so you must visit me at Sphere. I am excited to meet you and introduce you to the future of live entertainment at my new home.”

Aura, a high tech humanoid robot is finding a permanent home at MSG’s Sphere in Las Vegas.

“Aura’s role at Sphere marks a truly innovative application of robots, providing guests from around the globe with an opportunity to move into the future of entertainment and interact within a new technological frontier,” MSG Ventures CEO David Dibble said in a statement.

“Our vision with every aspect of Sphere is to transform the way people experience live events, and with Aura we are pushing the boundaries of how robotics can be used to enhance our guests’ journey through the venue.”

As an expert on Sphere, Aura can explain the ground-breaking engineering, layers of custom-designed technology and the creative mission at the core of the venue.

Sphere is using robots to greet guests inside the venue.
Sphere is using robots to greet guests inside the venue.
Brian Prahl / SplashNews.com

Aura is just one of several major high tech aspects of Sphere, also home to a near-immaculate sound system known as HOLOPLOT. The high-grade speakers make each seat in the massive venue feel as if you are right in front of the stage.

Sphere also had its ultra-high resolution cameras tested on board the International Space Station.

In addition to concerts, Sphere will show immersive films like Darren Aronofsky’s “part sci-fi story, part nature documentary” called “Postcard From Earth” after its opening this month.

“Obviously, we are bringing all the expertise we have from operating MSG,” MSG owner James Dolan previously told The Post. “Still, we feel like we are bringing Vegas to the World.”

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