Will Smith Oscars slap: New video reveals Jada’s surprising reaction after husband storms stage


New video of Will Smith’s Oscars slap has emerged, revealing Jada Pinkett Smith’s reaction in the moments after the incident that has rocked Hollywood.

It shows her sitting back and apparently laughing in her chair after her husband hit comedian Chris Rock for cracking a joke about her hair.

Pinkett Smith, who has alopecia, appeared at the awards show with a shaved head and rolled her eyes when Rock joked she would star in GI Jane II. It was after this that Smith stormed the stage.

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The fresh video appears to have been taken by an attendee at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood is taken from a different angle of the incident to the one beamed around the world and which has since broken YouTube records.

It was uploaded on TikTok where it went viral.

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