Why South Africans now choose to travel at any cost post Covid-19



Last night, President Ramaphosa announced that South Africa’s ‘state of disaster’ status has been lifted at last.

The majority of borders are also open to travellers from South Africa and the excitement and relief is evident across the board.

Finally, we can travel to reconnect and spend time with loved ones in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

In a pre-pandemic world, holiday seekers were usually more than happy to plan and book their trips far in advance.

The timeframe used to be anything from 6 months to two years in advance and it was done mostly to capitalise on the great savings that come with booking flights and accommodation so far in advance.

But, looking at recent months, Club Med says it seems that there has been a shift in holidaymakers’ booking patterns. Why?

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The past two years saw individuals across the globe struggle with mental health. People battled with the effects of isolation, grief and uncertainty caused by the devastating Covid-19 pandemic.

Research has shown that travel has a positive effect on mental health as it is able to contribute to relieving stress, ultimately ensuring a happier and more fulfilling life.

The need for travel therefore came back stronger than ever once borders started opening up, and people weren’t willing to postpone their travels any longer.

Keen travellers seized the opportunity to get out with both hands, burning to engage in the simple pleasures that come with a good and relaxing holiday.

Travel planning
Travel planning. Image: iStock


South Africa had one of the toughest lockdowns which spanned 750 days with varying levels of restrictions.

It came with very strict restraining measures in terms of people’s movement and many South Africans were confined to their homes for months.

Not being able to move when one wanted to inadvertently created a newfound appreciation for personal liberties that had once been taken for granted.

It’s this kind of freedom people are now choosing.

Getting on a plane and spending a holiday, exercising the luxury of enjoying whatever activity you choose at any time of day… that’s freedom people are currently more than willing to pay for.

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Freedom. Image: iStock

All-inclusive travel packages are proving to be the perfect fit for freedom seekers.

With these packages, everything is taken care of for you – from accommodation, meals and drinks to a wide variety of land- and water activities.

The booking model also allows you to pay upfront, which means there is no reason to worry about a single thing while on holiday – blissful benefits of last-minute, all-inclusive travel.


Most of us were kept caged in mentally, emotionally and physically over the past two years, with no real escape options available. In challenging times, escapism is the one thing people need to stay sane and for months, it wasn’t an option.  

It’s for this reason that luxury brands always see a surge in sales during challenging times.

The beauty of luxury travel brands is that apart from allowing you to escape, it also allows you to spend time and reconnect with family and friends. Travelling allows you to escape the day-to-day tension of pandemic living, life’s constraints, and continuously growing to-do lists.

Now, more than ever, people turn to travel as a form of release of all pent-up uncertainty and restrictions and therefore, the need to travel now – at all costs – seems to have become a new sentiment.

Is it a bad thing? Never.

If anything, the pandemic has taught us that we need to live for today.

There’s no promise of tomorrow. Live life to the fullest. Live it now.

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