USMNT members honored with ‘Ted Lasso’ billboards



He believes in this team.

The United States men’s national soccer team has received heartwarming messages splashed across billboards in their hometowns as the World Cup looms.

The encouraging sentiments, written in blue text on yellow backgrounds, are signed by none other than Ted Lasso and pay homage to the charming Apple TV series.

The sweet displays are riddled with compliments and a touch of humor — in true Ted, or Jason Sudeikis, style — and come after the 26-man lineup was announced earlier this month. The team, comprised of players from around the US, will face Wales on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Billboards sprawled across the country display words of encouragement to the US men’s soccer team.
Twitter / @JuliePopper

The “Ted Lasso messages” were proudly shared to social media, including to the team’s official Twitter account.

“We believe,” tweeted the account, along with multiple images of the billboards plastered around America.

Words from America’s beloved fictional coach are displayed boldly in the air just days after the team lineup was announced.

To Jordan Morris, a winger on the team, Lasso applauded his talent and added a touch of comedy.

“When you first broke onto the scene, I was blown away by your sheer speed and talent,” the message began. “I’m sure you know all about bein’ blown away being from Seattle and all. Lotta gloomy days but the thing about you is that you don’t let anyone rain on your parade.

But the posters weren’t reserved for just billboards — some signs hung on the sides of buildings or on alma maters.
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“Precipitation and perseverance are two of your specialties,” the message, signed “Gimme some Morris,” continued. “Maybe just focus on the second one when you’re playing in the big games. Rain or shine I’ll be rootin’ for you!”

Other signs shared on social media included tributes to midfielders Cristian Roldan and Luca de la Torre, goalkeeper Matt Turner and even their coach Gregg Berhalter.

Ted Lasso
The kind words come from fictional Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis.
Apple TV Plus via AP
Tweet of billboard
Billboards were spotted by eagle-eyed Lasso and soccer fans alike across the US.

“I just know you and your extra ‘G’ are gonna take those fellas all the way,” Lasso wrote for Berhalter’s own sign.

In San Diego, a billboard was erected in honor of de la Torre, citing the area’s most notable residents, which included the soccer player.

Not only were players touted for their skills, but Lasso made nods to notable characteristics of their hometowns.

“They got a legendary skateboarder [Tony Hawk], a legendary children’s poet [Dr. Seuss], a legendary anchorman [the fictitious Ron Burgundy] and of course, a legendary soccer player: Luca de la Torrific,” the sign quipped.

DeAndre Yedlin, whose sign was plastered at an undisclosed location, received a nod for being a leader “on the field and in the barber chair,” a joke aimed at his wild and unique hair styles.

Lasso showed each player love in a personally addressed sign.
Twitter / @USMNT
Even their coach received a billboard of his own.
Twitter / @Ellie_Shea13

But the posters weren’t just high up on billboards, some were even plastered to the sides of buildings or schools located in the players’ hometowns.

At El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera, California, a tribute to Roldan was stuck to the building, and for Turner, a poster, dubbing him “teeny Turner,” appeared at Saint Joseph Regional High School in New Jersey.

Sign on school
Each one was riddled with jokes — in true Lasso style — and encouragement.
Twitter / @USMNT

“Well call me Mary ’cause I certainly am proud of you, Turner,” the message reads. “You were just a teeny Turner in Park Ridge, NJ when you took up soccer to stay in shape for basketball and baseball. Then you discovered your pastime was a passion.

“Like when I started baking to improve my hand-eye coordination. Got real good at aiming cookies into my face hole,” it continued. “Sometimes the goal you’re training for turns into the train you’re goaling for, y’know?

Mens soccer team
The men’s soccer team arrived in Dubai ahead of their upcoming World Cup game against Wales.
USMNT line up announced
The team lineup was announced in Brooklyn earlier this month.

“Choo-choo! Next stop: the games of all games! We’re takin’ that track all the way to victory,” the message finished, which was signed, “Cookie connoisseur, Ted Lasso.”

Twitter, naturally, went wild with applause for the heartwarming gesture, rallying around the men’s soccer team.

Each player received a custom billboard in their hometown.
John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

“This is actually very sweet in each of the players hometowns honestly. nice gestures,” one person wrote.

“These are awesome. If you haven’t watched the show, your [sic] missing out. Thank you, Ted Lasso!” another tweeted.

“Good luck lads, play hard, we will be cheering for you,” one user said.


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