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The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is worried about the increasing numbers of international students enrolling in the Dutch capital.

Geert ten Dam, chairman of the UvA board, says there is not enough housing, a tougher workload on lecturers and teachers, and suggests Dutch students are missing out in their home country.

Global labour market

Ten Dam explains that the Dutch government and companies appealed to universities to attract international students for two reasons.

They wanted to obtain knowledge from abroad and help prepare Dutch students for a global labour market. 🌍

However, what they did not expect was such a rapid increase of international students who wanted to study at Dutch universities.

International student hub

In recent years, Dutch enrolments at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) increased by about 6% — while international student enrolments tripled. 🤯

Of the 41,000 students at the university, nearly one-third come from abroad, says Het Parool.

The result?

Because universities cannot give students priority based on nationality, Ten Dam fears Dutch students have to compete with students from abroad to get into a programme.

Now, Dutch universities and Dutch politicians alike argue to limit the number of international student enrolments. 🔐

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