UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss mocked over mispronunciation of Taoiseach as ‘tea sock’


The UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has been mocked online after appearing to mispronounce Micheál Martin’s job title as “tea sock”.

s Truss set out plans to override the agreement governing Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit trading arrangements on Monday.

Following her announcement, a clip of an interview Ms Truss carried out with RTÉ News has now gone viral after the minister’s struggle with the Irish word.

Responding to criticism from the Taoiseach over the Protocol Bill, in which he claimed it marked a “new low point” between UK-Irish relations, Ms Truss said: “I would strongly encourage the Irish ‘tea sock’ to discuss this with the EU.”

The alternative pronunciation of the word led to ridicule among some online for Ms Truss, with one video of the moment viewed online almost one million times so far.

Journalist and commentator David McCann joked: “I know of little children all across the island dreaming of one day becoming tea sock.”

Another Twitter user said: “I will forever laugh when I see this.”

Tom Moylan added: “Bitta cake jumper with your tea sock?”

The moment also spawned a number of memes online, including user Maggie who shared a photo of a mug with a sock hanging out of it.

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