Two SA cities voted best to ‘wake up in’ – Do you live in one of them?



As the world returns to international travel, Premier Inn researched which cities gain the most traction from early birds, and two South African cities made it to the list.

The goal of the report was to highlight how peaceful exploring cities in the morning can be.

Best cities to wake up in


The report was compiled by monitoring the amount of #goodmorning-related Instagram hashtags for popular city travel destinations in Africa and globally.

Premier Inn researched more than 250 of the most populated cities in the world on Instagram to find the places photographed during the early morning hours.

“Instagrammers are rising early and getting their cameras ready to catch a glimpse of Africa’s most beautiful cities to see the sunrise in,” the report states.

Best African cities to wake up in

Lagos in Nigeria was tagged the most, making it Africa’s most popular city to explore first thing in the morning.

Instagram users shared photos of Lagos’ “vibrant feel with people on their morning commute, making time to take a morning snap in front of Lagos Lagoon”.

South Africans will be delighted with Cape Town taking the second spot with 2,233 tags, and Durban landing fourth, with 467 tags.

Cape Town’s top photographers’ spots were sunsets captured from the Lion’s Head hiking routes, showing that the mother city “is even more beautiful from a great height”.

In third place is Cairo with #GoodMorningCairo posts showcasing the reflections of the sunrise on the Nile from Roda Island.

Rounding up the Top Five is Nairobi in Kenya with 407 hashtags.

Africa’s most popular morning cities 

Rank City Country Insta hashtags
1 Lagos Nigeria 3,807
2 Cape Town South Africa 2,233
3 Cairo Egypt 768
4 Durban South Africa 467
5 Nairobi Kenya 407
6 Casablanca Morocco 198
7 Accra Ghana 54
8 Alexandria Egypt 48
9 Kampala Uganda 44
10 Kano Nigeria 38

Best cities to wake up in globally

The report also includes a Top Ten for the best cities to wake up in globally. London is the crown jewel, with nearly 40,000 hashtags, followed by Dubai (28,200 tags).

The rest of the Top Five is made up of Paris with 22,500 hashtags, New York with 18,700, and Berlin with more than 16,400 #goodmorning-related hashtags.

Top 10 most popular morning cities around the world  

Rank Top global cities    Country  No. of hashtags   
1 London  United Kingdom    39,600 
2 Dubai  United Arab Emirates  28,200 
3 Paris  France  22,500 
4 New York City  USA   18,700 
5 Berlin  Germany  16,400 
6 Tokyo  Japan  14,900 
7 Chicago  USA   12,000 
8 Sydney  Australia  11,000 
9 Rome  Italy  10,700 
10 San Diego  USA   9,500 

The full report can be viewed here.


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