Tips to pack your luggage for the holidays like a pro



One of the most stressful parts of travelling is your luggage and the packing of clothes and necessities you will need throughout your holiday.

Packing for a trip is sometimes difficult, especially if you are a heavy packer and are not quite skilled in packing your luggage to ensure that everything you need fits in your travel bags without ruining them.

These easy tricks to pack your luggage for a vacation will help you ensure that nothing is left behind, and that your luggage is safe and secured throughout your vacation.

Invest in a great travel bag

Quality and trustworthy luggage bags are your best friend if you are a regular traveller. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a wheel break on your very full, heavily loaded suitcase when you’re away on holiday, so make sure that you invest in quality luggage.

If you will be carrying more than one bag and need an easy travel bag to handle, then you should consider buying a case that can be manoeuvred easily with one hand and has wheels that can turn all the way around.

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Wear what cannot be packed

If you are a heavy packer and find that your clothes do not all fit in your luggage, try and wear all the heavy clothing you want to take with you on holiday.

This will ensure that no desired clothing is left behind, and that your luggage is not overwhelmed.

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Roll your clothes

Rolling your clothes will make them much smaller when packing them into your bags, and this will mean that you will have more space to pack extra clothes and necessities.

You can also try putting smaller things inside your shoes, as that is generally forgotten and wasted space!

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Buy travel-size toiletries

Toiletries are generally the biggest space hoggers, so either buy travel-size items if you’re not too fussy about the brands you use, or invest in travel-size bottles and decant your favourites into these to save space.

Make sure you pack these into a waterproof bag, as toiletries leaking onto your clothing will be a messy start to your holiday.

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