This is what a sex worker really thinks of intimacy with clients


In the new film, Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, sex worker Leo Grande (Daryl McCormack) knocks on the door of a hotel room and is greeted by retired religious school teacher, Nancy Stokes (Dame Emma Thompson). Nancy reveals that her sex life with her late husband was so unfulfilling that she had never experienced an orgasm, and hires Leo in the hope that he can get her there.

t the centre of the film is a powerful intimacy that builds up between Leo and Nancy. Leo listens as Nancy frets about her predisposed assumptions about his sex work, the insecurities she has about her body and her skittishness about sex and sensuality. He gets Nancy to relax and open up to him, both physically and emotionally, and reveals to her the “possible sanctity of sex work”, as Thompson wrote in British Vogue.

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