Theft victim recognised stolen laptop for sale online


A man who tried to sell a stolen laptop online did not realise where it came from and made an “error”, a court heard.

ilviu Radiu (39) was caught with the computer after the owner recognised it in an ad and called gardaí.

Judge Bryan Smyth struck the case out, leaving him without a criminal record after he made a €300 charity donation.

Radiu, a construction worker, pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods at his home address at Peyton Drive, Rathcoole, Co Dublin on April 29.

Garda Sergeant Tony Flanagan told Dublin District Court a HP laptop was advertised for sale “on Adverts” and the victim recognised it and called the gardaí, who searched the accused’s home.


Radiu co-operated and the laptop was recovered in perfect working order and returned to the owner, the court heard.

It was worth €2,200 but the accused told gardaí he had bought it on the street for €600 and was attempting to sell it for €900.

He had no previous convictions, the court heard.

Radiu, who is originally from Romania and had been living in Ireland for eight months, did not realise the laptop was stolen when he bought it, his lawyer said.

It was “an error on his part”.

He had never been in trouble before.

The lawyer asked the judge to leave the accused without a convictions and said he was more than willing to make a charitable donation into the court.

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