Temperature in public sector offices to be capped at 19C to conserve energy



Public sector bodies will be advised to set their heating systems to 19 degrees where appropriate in an effort to conserve energy use and reduce costs this winter, under proposals to go to Cabinet tomorrow.

ndependent.ie understands that the temperature would be a guideline of 19 degrees Celsius – as appropriate to each building use with a Government source cautioning that this would not necessarily be the same for all buildings.

The memo going before ministers outlines how the public sector will be expected to lead by example on energy efficiency in the coming months with a number of measures proposed. These include reducing unnecessary heating of low occupancy spaces, optimising heating timers and thermostats and reducing use in peak times.

It will also likely propose that lights are switched off where appropriate at night inside and outside public buildings.

It follows a meeting of the three coalition party leaders and Ministers Paschal Donohoe and Michael McGrath on Tuesday evening to discuss the energy and security situation caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine.

As well as the memo going before Cabinet on Wednesday, the meeting also briefly discussed the upcoming EU energy ministers’ meeting on Friday where energy price caps and windfall tax measures will be discussed.

The meeting touched briefly on windfall tax, and what other countries around Europe are examining amid reports in recent weeks that the Coalition’s proposal will generate around €100 million per annum which will be used for a series of measures to offset spiralling utility bills.

The three Coalition party leaders and ministers agreed to meet again shortly to discuss the budgetary cost of living measures ahead of the budget announcement on September 27.


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