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The highly-anticipated Super Nintendo World set to debut at Universal Studios Hollywood is teasing fans with a sneak peek of a brand-new ride within the world: “Mario Kart™: Bowser’s Challenge.”

That’s right. You’re going to get to experience slipping on banana peels, tossing turtle shells, and dodging fire piranha plants on the new Mario Kart style ride.

In early 2023, Super Mario superfans will get behind the wheel of a ride that USH promises is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced before.

“It seamlessly fuses augmented reality with projection mapping technology and actual set pieces along a moving ride track to debut a ride that’s unparalleled anywhere within the theme park industry,” the park said.

Park goers will transport into Mario’s world via a Warp Pipe to take on Mario’s arch enemy in this new ride located within Bowser’s Castle.

The park promises that no two rides are alike — just like no two races within Mario Kart are alike. You can get on the ride multiple times and experience a different outcome with each ride.

Universal Studios Hollywood Reveals Details of SUPER NINTENDO WORLD’s Signature Ride, “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge,” Opening in Early 2023

The four-person ride incorporates augmented reality goggles for a truly immersive experience.

All you have to do now is wait for the “3-2-1 GO!” signal from Lakitu.

Universal Studios is owned by NBCUniversal, the same parent company as NBC4.

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