Stephen A. Smith calls Chris Russo’s best sports fans list ‘abomination’


Stephen A. Smith barked back at the “Mad Dog.”

As is tradition on Wednesdays on “First Take,” Smith and Chris “Mag Dog” Russo sparred about a variety of topics that mean the world to them but may or may not have provable resolutions.

This edition featured Russo picking a list of the best sports fan cities. From 5 to 1, he went Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Detroit and Cleveland.

“You have the city of Cleveland as the number 1 fan base?” Smith asked incredulously. “You’ve got to be crazy. Oh my God. This is an abomination. You have outdone yourself here.”

Smith picked apart the list, wanting Chicago off the list because the fans don’t boo and hold the teams accountable. “They have two baseball teams!” Russo protested.

Stephen A. Smith called Chris Russo’s list of best sports fan cities an “abomination.”

Smith also wanted Detroit off the list. He wanted Oakland on.

At this point, it had been more than 90 seconds of Smith going through his own list, and Molly Qerim had heard enough.

“BOSTON! BOSTON! BOSTON!” she exclaimed. “I couldn’t sit over there. Are you kidding?”

Smith, who had not yet gotten there, was going to get there eventually.

As you’re dying to know, Russo’s rationale for leaving Boston off the list is that the fans there care about their own teams but have no interest in what is going on if they’re not playing.

Another Wednesday in the books!

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