Spotify Pie Chart: What is the Spotify Pie Chart, how to create one and is it the same as Spotify Wrapped?


A new third-party feature has been developed by a University of California student to analyse Spotify listening patterns, with the results presented in pie chart form.

The new feature, created by Darren Huang, follows the likes of Spotify Wrapped and Receiptify who use listeners’ data to determine what their most listened to songs or albums are during a specific time period.

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But what is the Spotify Pie Chart and how do you create one?

Here’s everything you need to know:

What is the Spotify Pie Chart?

The Spotify Pie Chart, which is also known as Spotify Pie, is a genre app that allows users of the streaming service to ‘bake’ their own ‘monthly genre pie’.

Here’s everything you need to know about Spotify Pie Chart.

The feature reveals users listening habits by genre, based on their most listened to songs.

The genres can include pop, experimental, k-pop, indie rock, and many more.

The data is presented in a pie chart form, with the user’s most listened to artists listed at the bottom of the graph.

Spotify users have taken to social media to share their Spotify Pie with their followers.

One Twitter user, @thepickles_23, shared their pie chart with a caption reading: ‘I wish my life were as balanced as my Spotify Pie Chart.’

Another Twitter user was left confused by one of the music genres that was used in their chart.

@Angelrxx tweeted: ‘Did my monthly Spotify pie chart… What is a pixie genre?’

How to create a Spotify Pie Chart

Creating a Spotify Pie can be done in a matter of minutes.

Users of the streaming platform can simply visit Darren Huang’s Spotify Pie website, log into their music account, and then the data will be available on the screen.

Is it similar to Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Pie and Spotify Wrapped have many similarities.

Both features use data from users to create infographics to display listening patterns.

Spotify Wrapped is a yearly infographic of users most listened to songs, genres, and albums, whereas Spotify Pie is a monthly round-up of users’ listening habits.

Spotify Wrapped is created by the streaming platform itself and Spotify Pie is a third-party feature that has not been made by the music service.

How to create a Spotify account

If you are yet to sign up to the streaming platform, you can create a Spotify Premium account on the Spotify website.

Individual subscriptions are priced at £9.99, with the first month free and the ability to cancel the subscription at any time.

Student subscriptions are also available for £5.99 a month.

The Premium subscription includes the ability to download music anywhere, ad-free listening, and unlimited skips.

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