Spoiled Gen Zers tricked into wilderness retreat for TV show



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If the idea of entitled 20-somethings on a wilderness retreat is your idea of entertainment, then go make some popcorn.

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Snowflake Mountain is Netflix’s latest reality offering, and follows 10 Gen Zers as they embark on a wilderness survival retreat they didn’t plan on.

In fact, they’re sent to the not-so-great outdoors by their families who are fed up with their spoiled attitudes and generally rotten behaviour.

By definition, a snowflake is “a young person who is considered overly emotional, easily offended and dramatic.”

Devon and Solomon, cast members of Snowflake Mountain. (Netflix)
Devon and Solomon, cast members of Snowflake Mountain. (Netflix)

The “clueless kidults who aren’t yet living to their full potential” are put through the paces in an attempt to “kickstart them into standing on their own two feet,” according to the streaming service’s description of the show.

The group will get a “rude awakening” once they realize just how pampered their lives have been so far, thanks to the two military dudes who are going to try to whip these giant babies into shape.

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With no running water, no one to wait on them, and no Wi-Fi – gasp! – there are going to be a lot of tears as they struggle to become one with nature, learn to toughen up, and stand on their own two feet.

The cast includes a wannabe influencer, a vegan who loves to look in the mirror, an aspiring model, a college dropout who dreams of being a pro wrestler, and a self-confessed “Disney Princess.”


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