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Shouldn’t We Dance To a Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Song?

Part of the soundtrack for this year’s FIFA world cup in Qatar has been released and it’s already gathering traction and streaming across platforms, offering the incoming event a unique musical signature. And this is part of the persistent charm of the world’s greatest sporting event, each unique anthem for each edition providing a danceable backdrop to the glamor and excitement from the soccer pitch. Titled “Hayya Hayya,” this track for Qatar 2022 has a sensory appeal that can’t be sidestepped. Indeed, it is a blend of cultures, musical influences and voices from Davido, Trinidad Cardona and Aisha, to create a lively musical enchantment while insisting that we are truly, “better together.”

Davido is an international award-winning musician and one of Nigeria’s leading Afrobeats torchbearers. He brings the raspy elegance of his voice to bear on this energetic and modern sound. His boundless vocal energy can be felt on this vibe and he gave the same high strength to his global performance of the track, alongside the other two artistes, when the draws for the 2022 World Cup took place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre on 1 April in Qatar.

While this song is substantially defined by a reggae groove, wild swings and guitar twangs, the handheld Arabic Daff drum and electronic sounds that are familiar with Rhythm & Blues provide a bouncy rhythm that inspires dance.

The Phoenix, Arizona native, Trinidad Cardona; makes R&B’s rhythmic styles felt in his tonal inflections, further complementing Davido’s Afrobeats bent. Aisha’s lilting voice is a well-placed emblem on this colorful track that blends values, distinct voices and varying musical instruments. The Qatari singer is a worthy label representing contemporary Arabic musical culture.

“Hayya Hayya” is a mood changer sure to transform attitudes wherever it is played. It bristles with high energy and the huge talents of some of today’s renowned entertainers. RedOne, the song’s Moroccan producer has done a polished yeoman’s job of creating a sound that accommodates distinct talents while passing a valued message to the footballing world and its teeming admirers. And that is the reason we are permitted to dance without shame, because we are undeniably, and in more ways than one, better together. This song seeks to unite and it should be appreciated from that perspective. Any contrary reading is not part of its global appeal.

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