Sherri Shepherd tells of MJF encounter on ‘Wendy Williams’


TV personality Sherri Shepherd revealed that she had a wild airport run-in with AEW wrestling star MJF.

Shepherd, who was filling in for Wendy Williams on her nationally syndicated talk show, said that she was in an airport lounge with her son, a big wrestling fan, when they spotted MJF.

“I guess the J in MJF stands for jerk,” Shepherd said. “Because that’s what he was acting like when I met him at the airport.”

Shepherd said her son was nervous about asking the wrestler for an autograph, so she took it upon herself to go up and ask.

“I tapped him gently on the leg and asked him, ‘Are you the famous wrestler MJF?’ He snapped back and said, ‘NO!’” Shepherd recalled.

Shepherd then asked him, “Well, do people tell you that you look like the famous wrestler MJF?”

TV personality Sherri Shepherd revealed she had a surreal airport interaction with AEW star MJF.
Wendy Williams Show

At this point, MJF allegedly turned to her and snapped, “YES!” and proceeded to turn away from her and put his headphones on.

Shepherd was profoundly taken aback by the incident, but she said her son informed her that this was MJF’s “bad guy” character.

As we saw with MJF’s recent bombshell pipe bomb promo, he is always straddling the line of surreality, and it’s nearly impossible to discern where his character ends and the real-life Maxwell Jacob Friedman begins.

Since that promo, which happened over two weeks ago now, MJF has gone dark on social media, and AEW television has not mentioned him.

For her part, Shepherd said she would be enlisting the help of her friend Mark Henry, the former World’s Strongest Man who is now on the AEW payroll, to set the brash 26-year-old wrestler straight.

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