Senior Citizen who says car was wrongfully towed receives $150 from total stranger


CHICAGO (CBS) — Weeks after a woman living in a Chicago Housing Authority building in Lincoln Park says her car was wrongly towed, she has received help. 

CBS 2 shared Elena Elewan’s story a couple of weeks ago. She got a ticket for $188 — for a woman living in public housing. 

During an interview, Elewan got upset just talking about what happened. 

“Very bad, very bad, because we’re very poor and that’s my little gas or spending money. It’s just very hard. I’m very upset,” she said. 

Out of the blue, she just received a card from a total stranger — with $150 in cash inside! 

It also included a nice note from a woman named Ann, who said she felt awful for what happened and she wanted to “do something so you would not cry… I hope this helps!” 

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