Rally to empower New York's nail salon workers



ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On May 24 at noon, nail technicians from across New York will rally alongside Senator Jessica Ramos, Assemblymember Harry Bronson, and community allies at the Albany Capitol Building to demand state lawmakers pass the Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act. This landmark legislation would protect New York’s nail salon workers.

The Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act, introduced in January by Senator Ramos and Assemblymember Bronson, would give workers the ability to collaborate with government and small business owners on new baseline health, safety, and wage standards across the industry. The Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act, would create two bodies to advance new minimum standards across New York’s nail salon industry.

A report from the IRL Worker Institute at Cornell University showed nail salon workers continuously suffer from dangerous working conditions, low pay, and exploitation across the state. Cornell University’s report represents the first-ever academic study of New York’s nail salon industry.

While workers continue to push for the immediate passage of this bill, they plan to meet with lawmakers following Tuesday’s presser to build awareness around this innovative bill while urging lawmakers to prioritize the legislation in the next session. Nail salon workers will continue organizing to build power ahead of the next legislative session as they have taken to the streets and to the media to share their experiences and by laying the foundation for change in the industry.

The Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act:

  • A permanent council of workers, employers, and elected officials will come together to recommend new minimum labor standards that will apply across the state. 
  • An independent committee of economic experts will devise a new, fair minimum pricing model for nail services that will combat and support a sustainable industry in which every operator has the resources necessary to comply with improved standards.


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