Phil Collins’ ex allegedly paid $30Gs to have ‘black magic’ performed


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It’s not another day in paradise for Phil Collins or his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey.

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Cevey’s former head of security, Franck Pala, has alleged that Collins’ ex paid $30,000 to a black magic expert in an attempt to gain control over the singer, according to court papers obtained by the New York Post.

Pala claimed that Cevey had planned to put “some substances” in Collins’ wine – and makes mention of a “black magic” concoction.

She allegedly wired the funds to a man in Columbia as payment for his magical services.

“Do you know anything about an effort to — I’m going to call it — poison Phil or give him unknown substances?” Collins’ attorney, Jeffrey Fisher, asked Pala in a deposition that was given in April 2021 but was only made public after it was filed last month by Cevey’s lawyer on an unrelated issue in the case, the outlet reported.

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Pala replied: “I heard about Mrs. Collins ask another employee of the house to do some kind of magical things and pay for the services, and in return, put some substances in white wine for Mr. Phil Collins. It’s like how you believe in black magic from Colombia, whatever you want to call it.”

She and Pala never discussed the alleged plans; he claimed he heard about it from Cevey’s former personal assistant.

When Pala was asked his thoughts on what Cevey was trying to accomplish by “putting this black magic on Phil,” he opined, “Maybe trying to empower herself over him.”

It is unclear whether Cevey actually received anything from her Columbian contact, the Post reported.

Collins, 71, is currently in a legal battle with his 48-year-old ex over the sale of their $40-million Miami home.

Cevey says she was promised half of the earnings from the house sale; Collins denies her claims.

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