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After two years, the Dutch labour market is seeing more and more vacancies being filled, meaning people are taking up vacant jobs again.

There were 17,000 fewer vacancies in the Netherlands in September, compared to the second quarter of this year, writes the NOS.

In other words, the number of unfilled vacancies is decreasing in the Dutch labour market. By taking up vacant jobs, the economy is considered less tight than before.

Economical trouble?

The economic instability and uncertainty brought about by both Coronavirus and the Russian war against Ukraine have made for more cautiousness in the labour market overall.

This has been exemplified by the fact that more employees than ever have been dismissed in the past year.

In addition to unfilled vacancies, many Dutch businesses have also been hesitant to hire new employees in the past years, due to economic uncertainty.

It is not yet known whether the recent increase in employment means the Dutch economy is still growing.

Not a quick fix

Dutch vacancies might be getting filled up for the first time in two years, but that’s not the whole story.

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The number of existing jobs is still rising, but unemployment rates are also increasing. And, trade and catering, the two sectors most in need of staff, are still down 128,000 people.

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