NHL bad boy Sean Avery in court accused of slamming scooter into car


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Former NHL bad boy journeyman Sean Avery allegedly used the same tough tactics off the ice when he slammed his scooter into a car blocking a bike lane.

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Now, the 42-year-old — who toiled for the Rangers, Red Wings, and other teams — is charged with a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief over the 2019 incident.

His trial was slated to start Wednesday morning in New York City.

The controversial skater initially stated he was going to represent himself but a judge advised him to seek out legal help and he has lawyered up with Jason Goldman.

Goldman told the New York Post that cops and the legal system should instead to tackling the violent crime spike in the Big Apple.

“Instead, because of my client’s name, the District Attorney’s office is wasting unnecessary resources on prosecuting this trivial, petty matter against an individual with no criminal history whatsoever,” Goldman said in a statement Tuesday.

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Manhattan prosecutors have offered Avery — who retired from the NHL in 2012 — a number of plea deals but true to his nature, he has shot them down. Now living in California, he faces three months in the slammer if convicted, although that’s highly unlikely.

Following hockey and a foray into the fashion world, Avery became a guardian of New York City’s bike lanes. It was in Greenwich Village where he allegedly bashed a driver’s side door with his scooter.

“If I need to be the poster boy for defending the bike lanes, I will absolutely do that,” he told The Post in 2019. “We need to be able to just bike in freedom.”

The owner of the car was venture capitalist Jonathan Schulhof and his wife, the daughter of billionaire Henry Kravis, was in the car at the time.

At the time, Avery allegedly often picked fights with drivers blocking bike lanes. He followed up his vigilance with Instagram photos.

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