New parental controls announced for Instagram


DENVER (KDVR) — On Tuesday, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, announced new features for parents and teens to improve safety and use on the photo-sharing application.

Among the new changes: Parents can now send an invite to their teen to start using the supervision tools. Up until now, only teens could send that invite. Both the teens and the parents still must approve the use of the supervision tools.

Parents can also now set limits on when their teen uses the app. For example, parents can block out dinner time or overnight starting at bedtime. Parents will also receive more details if their teen reports an account on Instagram.

Also new, nudges are triggered when a teen is spending too much time on a given topic. The goal is to get teens onto a different topic to explore something new. The new topics will exclude specific subjects that may be associated with appearance comparison, according to the company.

There is also a new “take a break” feature to remind teens to close out of the app and give social media a break.

The new features announced Tuesday come after the company faced serious scrutiny over Instagram’s reported impact to teen mental health, especially young girls. In March, the company rolled out new safety features. Tuesday’s additions are the latest and not the last, according to Meta.

For more information visit the app’s online family center.

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