New Love Island arrivals cause tension after flirty lunch dates


Love Island arrivals Jay Younger and Remi Lambert have caused friction in the villa after dating their choice of female islanders.

he pair each picked a trio of women who cooked and then shared a dish with them as part of a three-course lunch – while the rest of the boys looked on from the balcony.

Investment analyst Jay chose Amber Beckford to cook his starter, Ekin-Su Culculoglu to prepare his main course and Tasha Ghouri for his dessert.

During his meal with Amber, he said: “You’ve got the highest emotional intelligence I can see and obviously you’re a great looking girl so why would I not want to get to know you?”

Heading back to the kitchen, Amber said to the other girls: “What the hell. He is really fit.”

Jay and Ekin-Su got very close during the main course, sharing a piece of spaghetti Lady And The Tramp style, with Davide Sanclimenti looking upset from the balcony with his hands on his head.

Davide told the boys: “I do not like these kind of games.”

During dessert with Tasha, Jay asked if she only had eyes for Andrew Le Page.

Tasha said: “Obviously at the moment it’s Andrew and you, but we will have to wait and see, won’t we.

“You make me nervous, I don’t know why.”

She told the girls Jay made her heart thump out of her chest, while Jay told Remi: “Her relationship with Andrew is not solid.”

Later in the beach hut, he added: “It really surprised me in a positive way. I thought she was invested in Andrew but after today, that’s game on.”

Model and rapper Remi opted for a starter with Indiyah Polack, Paige Thorne to cook his main and Ekin-Su to prepare dessert.

Remi and Indiyah fed each other their starter as he asked about getting a kiss, and during his main course Paige seductively suggested she would get the food off his lips “later”.

After their date, Paige told the girls the way he holds himself is “really appealing”, while Remi told Jay their date was “the best so far”.

During dessert, Ekin-Su fed Remi chocolate covered strawberries as Davide looked on.

Pacing up and down the balcony, Davide said: “Oh my days. Play Monopoly, not with me.”

In a preview for Thursday night’s episode, Ekin-Su and Jay are seen sneaking around the villa before he leans in for a kiss with the actress.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

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