Nationals’ Dave Martinez goes berserk over obstruction call


The Nationals lost a game and Dave Martinez lost his mind.

A controversial obstruction call allowed the Phillies to score an additional run that they needed in an 8-7 victory in Washington on Friday night to complete a doubleheader sweep, though Martinez would not be around to see the last moments.

With the score tied in the top of the 10th inning and runners on second and third, J.T. Realmuto singled up the middle. Kyle Schwarber, the inning’s automatic runner, scored easily from third. Rhys Hoskins, who was on second, was easily thrown out at home — or at least appeared to be.

Nationals shortstop Luis Garcia cut off Hoskins in attempting to dive for Realmuto’s single. It appeared to be an honest attempt at recording the out, but it slowed Hoskins, and thus obstruction was called and the additional run scored.

Nationals manager Dave Martinez argues with umpire Dan Iassogna during the 10th inning of Friday’s game against the Phillies.

Martinez exploded at crew chief Dan Iassogna. The veteran Nationals manager theatrically screamed for about minute before Iassogna walked away — only for Martinez to follow him and continue screaming. Martinez was tossed from the game.

Martinez told reporters he felt Hoskins should have been called for interference.

“If he gets obstruction and is awarded third base, he’s not awarded home,” Martinez said, according to the Associated Press. “After he touches third base and he rounds the base, to me it’s fair game. He got thrown out by 40 feet. So what are we doing? … He’s saying he would have scored. Play should have been dead to begin with.”

Iassogna told a pool reporter after the game that he felt the contact between Hoskins and Garcia occurred after Garcia no longer had a chance at the ball.

“If we felt like [Garcia] was in the act of fielding the ball, then we wouldn’t have called obstruction,” Iassogna said. “But we felt like he already had an opportunity to field the ball, and then the contact occurred afterward. And then now it’s on the defense to get out of the way of the offensive player. And then we felt that because of the contact, Hoskins would have scored without the contact.”

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