Moyvane secure Division 1 minor crown after epic extra-time clash with Listowel Emmets



Moyvane 2-16 

Listowel Emmets 3-11 

On a cool dry evening in Coolard, these two young promising North Kerry teams took to the field, Moyvane captained by Jerh Brosnan, and Listowel Emmets captained by Thomas Kelly. Mike Hennessy (Ballyduff) was the man in the middle and his task was tough.

Listowel Emmets started off very well with a lot of action on the ball for the first five minutes, but it was Moyvane’s Danny Lyons who opened the scoreboard with a point from a free, which was rapidly followed by a goal from Jerh Brosnan.

With Moyvane now in the lead and Listowel Emmets confidence on the ball starting to grow, Aaron Carey opened their score line with a point from a free.

Thomas Kelly, Listowel Emmets captain must have covered every blade of grass in Coolard along with Moyvane’s Patrick O’Connor.

Their strength and determination never failed throughout the game. Listowel made a steady comeback towards the end of the first half, with scores coming from Aaron Kennelly, Conor Sweeney, and Aidan Chute.

With Rob Heffernan hit the post in the 28th minute, leading Moyvane to pick up the loose ball, take the advantage leading to a score from a free from Jamie Moloney. Half-time score Moyvane 1-5 Listowel Emmets 0-5.

40 seconds into the second half Darragh O’Keeffe kicked another point for Moyvane, followed quickly with a point for Emmets. Aaron Kennelly, towering at midfield for Listowel Emmets was cool and calm on the ball throughout, played as much ball as he could into the forward line.

Five minutes into the second half Aidan Chute rattled the back of the Moyvane net, leaving the score now at Moyvane 1-6 and Listowel Emmets 1-7. Listowel Emmets were beginning to come alive.

After the Aidan Chute goal another Listowel goal was quickly followed by Conor Sweeney. Moyvane 1-6 Listowel Emmets 2-7.

Moyvane responded with a point from a free tipped over by Jamie Moloney, but the towering Emmets midfielder had other ideas and he clipped the Moyvane goalkeeper to score another goal for Listowel Emmets.

In the 13th minute Moyvane swapped their goalie for an outfield position. Kiegan Moloney was replaced by Bobby O’Riordan, and Kiegan Moloney then replaced Diarmuid Óg O’Connor.

With words of encouragement coming from both management sides, Emmets and Moyvane stepped up their game, their determination, willpower, and resilience was nonstop. From here on both teams dug deep never giving up.

With scores coming from Kiegan Moloney and a penalty awarded to Moyvane, Jamie Moloney rattled the back of the Emmet’s net. Moyvane behind by one point in the 23rd minute of the second half. Moyvane 2-9 Listowel Emmets 3-7. Scores for both teams eventually levelled the sides, now resulting in extra time.

At the start of extra time Moyvane were now 2-11 Listowel Emmets 3-8. Yet again the fast-paced Jamie Moloney from Moyvane opened the scoreboard with a point from play, quickly followed by Darragh O’Keeffe with another few beauties over the bar.

Listowel scored one point in the first half of extra time. At the end of the first half of extra time Moyvane 2-15 Listowel Emmets 3-9.

Both clubs fought hard for the remaining 10 minutes with all they had to offer, with scores coming from Danny Lyons Moyvane and Robert Heffernan Listowel Emmets. Moyvane won after 90 minutes of football.

Both of these young teams represented their clubs with a fantastic display of football, determination and pride.


Monday June 27

Minor Division 2 Final

Northern Gaels v Tarbert

Coolard, 7.30pm

Scór Na Paistí

The North Kerry Football Board finals of Scór Na Paistí will take place on Friday, June 10 in Ballybunion Community Centre at 7pm.

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