Met Eireann weather forecast: Scattered showers to dominate next week



Scattered showers will dominate across the country early next week ahead of more unsettled conditions from Wednesday onwards.

et Éireann forecast that it will be mostly cloudy this morning with scattered showers, mainly in the south and east.

Showery rain will spread into Leinster today, extending into Munster later this afternoon.

It will be driest today in the west and north with just the odd shower and the best chance of any sunny spells there.

Highest temperatures will be between 15C to 19C, warmest in the west, with light to moderate easterly winds keeping eastern parts a touch cooler.

Showery rain will ease to just a few patches of rain tonight, with a mostly dry night in store for many areas.

There will be a good deal of cloud around with some clear spells and lowest temperatures berween 7C to 10C with a light northeast wind.

It will be rather cloudy on Monday, with just occasional bright or sunny spells. There will be well scattered showers, with a good deal of dry weather too.

Highest temperatures will be between 16C to 20C, warmest in the northwest with a mostly light easterly breeze.

A few light showers will continue through Monday night, but most areas will be dry with long clear spells.

It will be mild, with lowest temperatures of 9C to 11C. It will turn foggy in some parts with light easterly winds.

Any fog will clear quickly on Tuesday morning, there will be scattered showers with some bright spells, becoming cloudy however through the afternoon.

More persistent rain will move into the southwest in the evening with highest temperatures between 17C to 20C with a moderate southeast breeze.

Rain will spread northeastwards across the country overnight, clearing from most areas before dawn with a few showers following.

It will be rather warm or humid overnight with temperatures not falling below 11C to 13C in many areas.

Moderate southeast winds will become southwesterly overnight as the rain clears.

Lingering rain in the northeast will clear early on Wednesday with scattered showers and sunny spells during the day.

Highest temperatures will be between 15C to 19C, mildest in the east with moderate westerly winds.

Showers will die out early on Wednesday night, becoming largely dry and clear with lowest temperatures of 8C to 11C with light southwest winds.

Scattered showers will develop on Thursday morning with a spell of rain, potentially heavy, moving in from the Atlantic during the day.

There is uncertainty around what time the rain will arrive. Highest temperatures will be between 16C to 19C.


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