Mayor Lightfoot says ‘dangerous’ people charged with violent crimes need to be held in custody until trial



CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Monday that in order to maintain safety, those charged with violent crimes need to be held in custody.

The mayor said judges should not allow people charged with violent crimes to walk free on bail – because if they’re charged, they’re guilty.

The mayor’s comments came in response to a question about the recent shootings of two Chicago several police officers in the past seven days. The mayor said there has been an exponential increase in officers being shot and shot at in Chicago – by criminals who feel emboldened.

“If people don’t feel like there’s going to be accountability for their actions, they’re going to continue to be bold and brazen,” she said.

Mayor Lightfoot said nonviolent people should not be held in jail just because they can’t afford to post bond. But for people charged with violent crimes, she said, it’s a different story.

“Given the exacting standards that the state’s attorney has for charging a case, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt – when those charges are brought, these people are guilty,” Lightfoot said, “and of course they’re entitled to a presumption of innocence. Of course they’re entitled to their day in court. But residents in our community are also entitled to safety from dangerous people. So we need to keep pressing the criminal courts to lock up violent, dangerous people.”

The mayor accused Cook County criminal courts of failing to do their jobs and failing to consider the danger to the community when a violent criminal is let out on bail.

“When you’ve got somebody who’s accused of murder, attempted murder, rape, kidnapping, carjacking – as is now – these people are walking the streets right now, today, in our communities,” Mayor Lightfoot said.

Anyone with a rap sheet “as long as my arm” who is yet again accused of a violent crime is a “danger to the community” and must be held until trial, Lightfoot said.


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