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After a few weeks of calm, Schiphol passengers queued for hours yet again — and many missed their flights.

The Netherlands’ national airport blames staff shortages for yet another disastrous weekend of long queues and unhappy travellers.

Already at the beginning of the month, Schiphol airport was overwhelmed by incoming travellers and had to cancel entire flights to (unsuccessfully) avoid overcrowding.

Several people on social media dubbed Schiphol as “the worst airport ever” — with some waiting as long as six hours and 30 minutes in security.

“It is extremely annoying for travellers. We are doing everything we can to avoid long lines,” said a Schiphol spokesperson to the NOS.

One traveller complained that their flight was cancelled an hour before departure, while another wrote that they waited five hours in passport control. Then they had to wait in another line because they missed their KLM flight. 🙄

Many travellers stood in line for hours without food, drink, or access to the toilets.

Busy until summer

The Schiphol spokesperson emphasises that most people made it to their flights, despite excessive waiting. However, they cannot say whether the waiting lines will be as long tomorrow.

The KLM airline warns travellers on its website that there are longer waiting times and possible disruptions to flights — but this was not enough to warn passengers.

Schiphol expects the airport to be very busy every day until the summer holidays. Who knows what it will be like after that. 🤷🏻

Have you been to Schiphol lately? Did you experience any long lines or flight disruptions? Tell us in the comments!

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