Lizzo felt saddened by Eddie Murphy’s ‘fat-suit movies’ including The Nutty Professor



Lizzo has told how the fat suits Eddie Murphy wore during his movies took a toll on her mental health.

Murphy has worn a fat suit for a number of his comedy characters, including in The Nutty Professor and Norbit.

But singer Lizzo said, while she loved the movies, she was saddened by the use of the outfit.

Camera IconEddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor II. Credit: Supplied

“It’s funny, because I’m the biggest Eddie Murphy fan of all time. But he definitely had a collection of fat-suit movies that people would be laughing at, but I would feel sad,” the singer told Variety.

“Not because I felt like, ‘Oh, my gosh – that’s me.’

“But I had this empathy for Professor Klump [in ‘The Nutty Professor’]. Like, the scene where he opens his drawer and there are all these candies and M Ms in his desk? I could literally cry right now thinking about it.

Camera IconBody positive advocate: Lizzo. Credit: Instagram

“People around me were laughing, but I hide food too. I feel him. I feel sympathy and empathy for him.”

The Juice singer is a high-profile advocate for body positivity and has been praised widely among her fans for the approach.

Although she feels like some progress has been achieved in recent years, there’s still “a long way to go”.

“[Body positivity is] not happening quickly by no means. It’s happening very slow and select, and there’s a long way to go. But I have seen it budge, and that’s better than nothing,” she said.

Lizzo is hoping to promote body positivity through her new TV show, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, which will soon premiere on Prime Video.

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In the series, Lizzo searches for girls who can become back-up dancers for her tour.

“A lot of girls who dance with me got agents after they started working with me because they were generating a viable stream of income. I’m grateful for that, but it’s still ridiculous. These girls should be getting representation ASAP. Hopefully, this show helps that.”


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