Line of Duty star Martin Compston denies singing IRA song at Celtic fan convention


Line of Duty star Martin Compston (38) has hit out at claims he was caught singing a pro-IRA song at a Celtic fan convention.

he actor, a regular visitor to Northern Ireland where Line of Duty was filmed, issued a statement strongly denying any suggestion he was singing sectarian lyrics after a video emerged of him online.

As reported by The Sun, Mr Compston had been a guest at a North American Celtic Supporters Federation (NACSF) event in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

It was claimed that he was singing “an IRA chant” onstage alongside fellow actor Gianna Capaldi and ex-Celtic footballers Alan Thompson and Bobby Peta.

A clip appears to show the four men on stage and the audience singing Daniel Boone’s 1972 song Beautiful Sunday, with what sounds like some of the lyrics changed to: “Irish Republican Army. It’s the I-I-I-IRA” coming from the audience.

In a statement, Mr Compston denied he was singing any IRA lyrics, but he could not be blamed if others had changed the words.

“To be absolutely clear, I 100% did not sing any IRA lyrics. You will see from the footage, I actually pulled up and told others to stop when the words were being changed,” he said.

“I’ve spent the last five years or my life working in Belfast and I’ve seen how people’s lives have been affected by sectarianism. I don’t take that lightly.

“If people want to change lyrics to a famous song I cannot police them, despite my best efforts.

“I was simply singing along to Daniel Boones’ Beautiful Sunday which is played at Celtic Park after every Sunday game.”

The stars have been slammed on social media for “glorifying murdering terrorists”.

Mr Compston, who portrays DI Steve Arnott, lives in Las Vegas but still closely follows Celtic as his favourite team.

The Sun also reported that he has previously called out sectarian abuse against him online.

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