Line of Duty fans cross fingers for new series as stars meet


Line of Duty fans had their fingers crossed for a new script on the menu when pictures emerged of the show’s creator Jed Mercurio alongside stars including ‘the gaffer’ Adrian Dunbar…

owever, it turns out the stars of the show were just out for dinner. It was to the dismay of those on social media who said they were zooming in to see if it was a script that was being discussed. 

Previously, the actors didn’t rule out another series but Martin, who played Steve Arnott, said it was up to writer Mr Mercurio.

Mark Compston who plays AC-12 inspector Steve Arnott, joked that the group were “talking tattoo designs”.

A smiling Vicky McClure was also pleased to be reunited with her fellow actors and friends.

Viewers of the BBC police bombarded the comments section with pleas for another series and said it was great to see “the dream team” together again.

One said: “New LOD [Line of Duty] script under the menus?”

Another concurred: “Mother of god, you’d better be talking new series plots /plot twists while you’re there.”

Earlier this year it emerged that Northern Ireland man, Adrian Dunbar, will feature on a new album by Dexys Midnight Runners.

The actor will sing a cover version of one of the band’s songs.

Dexys frontman Kevin Rowland became pals with Mr Dunbar through a mutual friend who introduced them in New York after the Enniskillen man performed as Brendan Behan in a play about the playwright’s time in the Big Apple.

Mr Dunbar has had a music sideline throughout his showbiz career and currently fronts the country-jazz band Adie Dunbar and the Jonahs, who released the Two Brothers album last year.

The 63-year-old has also joined a campaign for the PSNI station on Enniskillen’s Queen Street, which was once an Army barracks, to be vacated by police and used as a public space like Ebrington barracks in Derry.

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