Junior Cert wood technology: ‘Students had a lot to get through in 90 minutes’


For a paper that is worth only 30pc of the marks for the subject, Junior Cycle wood technology students had a lot to do in in 90 minutes, said teacher Peter Masterson.

r Masterson, an Association of Secondary Teachers’ Ireland (ASTI) subject representative, said a less able student would have found it “very challenging”.

Like most Junior Cycle subjects, it is now a common level paper, and students may have been relieved to see the five questions on the sample paper reduced to four.

Bur Mr Masterson, of Mountmellick Community School in Co Laois, said the paper was 15 pages long and here was no choice as there had been on the old papers.

He said of the four questions, each was broken down into four or five sections.

He said there was a lot of sketching required and in the time allowed “the less able student would have had his work cut out”.

“There was a lot of writing to do in an hour and half and a less able student might have turned off. Having said that the sketches and layout were very good, but there was a lot in it, considering we had two lockdowns and there was no choice,” he said.

Mr Masterson questioned the use of the word “annotations” in Q4d, where candidates were asked to design a tabletop holder to store coasters and to use a neat freehand sketch with annotations to communicate their idea. Mr Anderson felt that not all students would have known what “annotations” meant and another word, such as “notes”, might have been better.

The other 70pc of the marks for wood technology are awarded for a project completed in school.

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