IBAL Report: Public bins in Drogheda not tended to enough?


A glaring disparity between public bins being tended to in Dundalk and Drogheda was raised at Monday’s Borough of Drogheda council meeting.

hile Drogheda has 250 bins, Dundalk has 200, however, Dundalk’s bins are regularly tended to, unlike Drogheda.

Cllr Paddy McQuillan said that upon reading the Operations Report, it is noted that Dundalk has 200 bins which are tended to daily. Meanwhile, in Drogheda there are just 60 bins which are emptied daily, while the remaining 90 are tended to weekly. 

In conjunction with this, Dundalk estates are swept every four weeks, while public estates in Drogheda are swept every eight weeks and private estates are swept every 12 weeks. 

He added that the council have provided the Drogheda Councillors with information that reads very badly. 

Chief Executive of Louth County Council, Joan Martin added that Dundalk has a contractor as opposed to direct labour. She asked Cllr McQuillan, “what are you suggesting we do?” 

She added that Dundalk has a completely different system that has been long established. Dundalk is out to contract for 20 years or more and that going out to contract is no longer an option.

She said “there is as much money being spent in Drogheda as there is in Dundalk.”

Additionally, Cllr McQuillan requested that a solar bin be placed at the bottom of Peter Street, within the Ariosa Café area due to an increase in litter.

Senior Engineer for Louth County Council, Mark Johnson explained that they no longer have any funding for solar bins, and that any previous money spent on them was special funding that was received from a litter infrastructure last summer. These bins cost €3.5k to install.

Ms Martin added that she did not agree with the proposal to place bins outside shops, adding that it is the owner’s responsibility to keep their area clean. 

McQuillan added that this is also a taxi rank and attracts litter. 

Furthermore, Cllr Tom Cunningham requested the movement of a bin from the end of Callystown Road as it is “no use where it is,” asking that it be moved instead to a littler black-spot. 

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