‘I wanted to cry’: Bank of America closes woman’s account without explanation, despite her needing money for surgery


CHICAGO (CBS) — How panicked would you be if you had money in the bank and could not get to it?

All because the bank said your account was closed. That was one woman’s ordeal and it went on for months. Now Only on 2, the efforts to help a mom and grade school teacher.

For 17 years, Christina Blanton was a loyal Bank of America customer without a problem. Until April, when the south suburban mother and grade school teacher suddenly could not get into her account.

“I went to log on to my online banking and it kept saying ‘account locked.’ And so I thought I entered my password incorrectly,” Blanton said.

With no success online, Blanton called Bank of America’s 800 number where, for months, she got the runaround.

“I was transferred to multiple people and finally spoke to them and the young lady said ‘we decided to close your account.”

With no adequate explanation, she says. A “business decision” the bank told her. What’s worse Blanton could not get her money.

“I was upset and frustrated. It was right before me having the surgery and to be able to not access your money, emotionally, I wanted to cry. I’ve just been dealing with it and this has been since April.”

The surgery, she mentioned? It for was thyroid cancer. A difficult time, all around. So Christina Blanton reached out to CBS 2 for help. CBS 2 contacted Bank of America. The response from a bank spokesperson was vague.

 “We can’t share information about an individual account for reasons of privacy, but we have resolved the issue directly with our customer.”

The news is a lot better for Blanton. After CBS 2 contacted the bank, she got a call from a man who described himself as the CEO.

“He apologized first. And stated they decided to re-evaluate my situation and to open her account back up.”

Christina Blanton now has her money, but she doesn’t know why her account was closed, and the anger remains.

“This is a corporation where someone should be taking the time out to least give the person the respect. How do you cut off someone’s money and don’t proceed to tell them why you cut their money off?  And what if it is their last? Then they’re just broke. With nothing. And that’s an unfair practice to anyone,” Blanton said.

Ms. Blanton tells CBS 2 she still has not received credits for the monthly maintenance fees she was charged for April, May and June when Bank of America locked her out of her account.

She has also switched banks.

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