I found genius iPhone magic trick that unlocks it without using your hands


A clever iPhone magic trick will let you unlock your handset with your voice.

The hands-free Apple hack is an easy way to impress your pals.

It works using Apple Accessibility features, which contain plenty of clever hacks.

One of them is the ability to ask Siri to unlock your iPhone.

It might sound simple (and it is in practice) but it needs to be set up properly to work.

The trick was shared by TikTok creator @hardresetinfo, where it’s racked up over 280,000 likes.

First, go into Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control.

Then go to Customise Commands > Create New Command.

Now type “Please unlock my phone” without quotation marks.

Click to choose an action then select Run Custom Gesture.

Now look at a photo of the iPhone keypad, and then tap out an unlock passcode – in the video, they use 252525.

The hands-free Apple trick is an easy way to impress your friends.
A clever iPhone magic trick will let you unlock your handset with your voice
The hack lets you unlock your handset with your voice.

The idea is that when you run this command, it will automatically tap your passcode for you.

But you need to make sure you’re tapping in the right positions for it to work.

Now save the gesture and command and then return to your Lock Screen.

Make sure you’re on the keypad unlock and then say “Hey Siri, please unlock my phone”.

Then the gesture will run, unlocking your device instantly.

You’ll be able to see the gesture completed live in front of your eyes.

It’s worth noting that doing this could compromise your iPhone security.

Someone might be able to exploit this to unlock your iPhone.

So consider using a complicated phrase, and only ever using it in private.

Otherwise, you could find yourself being snooped on by a nosy pal or family member.

You could also set it up to try it out, and then turn it off once you’re satisfied.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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