Hologram Voldymyr Zelensky makes surprise appearance at Dublin Tech Summit


President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine appeared by 3D hologram at Dublin’s Tech Summit today, and appealed to delegates to donate the finances and technology required to help him make Ukraine the world’s freest digital nation.

elegates to the summit founded by Ian Hyland heard at lunchtime that President Zelensky would be making an unscheduled address to them at 4.20 pm and that all talks, workshops, and roundtables would run 15 minutes late.

“We want to use our platform and community in the fight against ongoing efforts in Ukraine, and to raise support both financially and technologically for the people who need it most,” said Mr Hyland before introducing Zelensky.

Zelesnky began by saying that even amidst the devastation of war, Ukraine has been transforming itself digitally, and would like help to continue this.

“Our goal is to make Ukraine the freest digital state in the world,” Zelensky said. “Ukraine is a chance for a global digital revolution, a chance for every technology company, and a chance for every visionary to show their value, skills, technologies, and ambitions.”

ARHT Media, based in Toronto, and Talesmith, UK, provided the holographic technology and multi-media broadcasting expertise that enabled Zelensky’s electronic telepresence to appear in Dublin, as well as simultaneously on stages at major technology events taking place in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Paris.

Meanwhile, New York-based tech company Evercoast captured Zelensky’s address as an augmented reality experience on smartphones ( available through the link here) which allowed users to see Mr Zelensky’s address projected onto their own surroundings.

“It is no longer science fiction that artificial intelligence is as smart as humans, said Zelensky. “It’s unusual for Presidents or heads of government to use a hologram to address people.”

“These technological possibilities can change public life; they have simplified government to people, and government to business relationships.”

“For the first time in human history, the state is 100pc comfortable with the people; that is our goal and we can make it real.”

“Just as Lendlease helped save Europe during World War Two, digital I believe can now become a key contributor to the vigour of democracy.”

The Lendlease Act was passed by the US congress in 1941 to permit the USA to supply the UK, USSR and other allies with food, oil and materials during the war.

The digital transition of Ukraine’s government has continued, despite the war, Mr Zelensky said, with artificial intelligence, for example, now being used to run the judiciary.

He finished by calling on delegates to join Ukraine’s Digital Initiative, which can help the development of its digital infrastructure and the cause of freedom.

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