Heatwave: How much it costs to run an electric fan all night


With the soaring temperatures and looming heatwave set to sweep across the UK, a lot of us will be in for some hot and sticky nights.

We all know how difficult it is to sleep when it’s too warm, and we might be tempted to stick the fan on through the night to keep us cool.

But with the Cost of Living crisis and energy bills going through the roof, you might be shocked at how much it costs to run a small fan.

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The North East is in for some hot and clammy nights in the coming days with temperatures not set to dip any lower than 16c tonight.

Friday night should be cooler with temperatures dipping to 11c, however, some might still need the fan to keep them cooler.

How much does it cost to run a fan all night?

According to research carried out by Uswitch, the average 120w electric fan costs around 2p an hour to run.

That doesn’t sound like much but it does add up, especially if you like to run the fan every night of the week.

Running the fan from 10pm until 7am (an average nine-hour sleep) will cost you around £1.80.

Continuing to run the fan every night for a week will cost you around £12.60.

£12.60 a week soon turns into £50.40 a month, an extra £50 that some people might struggle to find.

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Naturally you may not need to run a fan all night long, every night of the week, but these numbers give you a general idea of the cost if you do.

How else can I keep cool during the night?

There are other ways to keep cool during the night if you’re struggling to sleep and can’t afford to run the fan.

  • Close your curtains through the day.

This way, the sun will not be able to heat the room up during the door and will keep your room shaded ready for a cool night’s sleep.

Another great technique is to freeze an unused washcloth and lay it on your head or anywhere where you’re feeling warm while trying to fall asleep.

  • Cool off pulse points with ice packs

If you cool down your pulse points, such as wrists and ankles, it’s a great way to also cool down the rest of the body.

Use ice packs and place them on pulse points in 20 minute intervals to help you cool down.

  • Limit alcohol consumption before bed

Drinking alcohol before bed is bad for you sleep as it is, but it can also cause hot flushes and night sweats as well.

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Keep a cup of ice water by your bed to sip from throughout the night, cooling you down and keeping you hydrated.


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