Harry Kane consults rival players over World Cup protest against Qatar’s human rights record


Harry Kane has consulted with players from other countries as he and the England team try to decide how they are going to highlight Qatar’s human rights record at the World Cup.

The 2022 hosts have been criticised for their treatment of migrant workers, women and the LGBTQ community with Amnesty International calling last month for Fifa to provide at least $440m (£350m) in compensation for migrant workers who have been wronged.

England players were given a briefing in March by FA chief executive Mark Bullingham about Qatar’s record of human rights abuses which vice-captain Jordan Henderson described as “shocking, disappointing and horrendous.”

And while Kane said they have not yet decided upon a course of action, he has conferred with members of other international teams. While he did not reveal who, one of his Tottenham team-mates is France’s World Cup-winning captain Hugo Lloris.

The England skipper said: “I have spoken to some of the other players around the team and a couple of the other players from some European countries. Once we have come to a conclusion on that we will let everyone know but it is still an ongoing conversation and nothing is set in stone.

“But it is a necessary conversation about what we want to do leading up to the World Cup and at the World Cup itself.”

England visit Hungary on Saturday for their first Nations League game of four in this summer camp, before taking on fellow group A3 rivals Italy, Germany and Hungary again in the reverse fixture.

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