Golf star Phil Mickelson opens up about ‘hurtful’ gambling addiction


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Phil Mickelson says he’s finally on track in his pursuit of leaving his gambling issues in the dust.

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The golf superstar opened up publicly on Monday, admitting he has dealt with serious gambling problems that have at times threatened to ruin his life.

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The six-time major winner they call “Lefty” detailed his gambling issues in a 414-word social-media post on Monday, saying he won’t be betting on fantasy football this season.

“I won’t be betting this year because I crossed the line of moderation and into addiction which isn’t any fun at all,” Mickelson said, adding while his financial losses due to gambling weren’t devastating, the issue has had a great impact on his personal life.

“The money wasn’t ever the issue since our financial security has never been threatened, but I was so distracted I wasn’t able to be present with the ones I love and caused a lot of harm. This lack of presence has been so hurtful.”

In the post, Mickelson opened up about his successful treatment and urged others in similar situations to seek help.

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“If you ever cross the line of moderation and enter into addiction, hopefully you won’t confuse your enablers as friends like I did. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with these difficult moments publicly so others can profit off you like I have,” he said. “But hopefully you WILL have a strong and supportive partner who is willing to help you through being your worst self, and through your worst moments like I have in (wife) Amy. She has loved me and supported me through my darkest and most difficult times. I couldn’t have gotten through this without her.”


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The 53-year-old Californian added: “After many years of receiving professional help, not gambling, and being in recovery from my addictions, I’m now able to sit still, be present in the moment and live each day with an inner calm and peace. I still have lots of cleaning up to do with those I love the most but I’m doing it slowly and as best I can.”

Mickelson earlier this year clarified that he still gambles on the golf course, but the stakes are capped at $1,000.

His net worth is speculated to be around $875 million and his career earnings have topped $1 billion.

He has wagered more than that over the past three decades, according to a book by renowned gambler Billy Walters.

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