First Avatar: The Way of Water trailer shown to crowds at CinemaCon


Thirteen years after Avatar smashed film records, the first sneak peak of its long-awaited sequel has been shown and fans are excited.

Avatar: The Way of Water, the follow up to James Cameron’s critically acclaimed 2009 visual extravaganza, is expected to hit theatres in December, however lucky audiences at CinemaCon in Las Vegas got the first glimpse of the film.

Disney, which inherited the franchise after acquiring 20th Century Fox in 2019, unveiled new footage at the convention.

Camera Icongen Avatar Photo by Courtesy of WETA – © 2007 Twentieth Century Fox – All Rights Reserved. Credit: unknown/2007 Twentieth Century Fox

According to Variety, those in attendance were given 3D glasses to watch the trailer, which “contained almost no dialogue”.

“Exhibitors were immersed into different regions across the dazzling world of Pandora through sweeping visuals of the planet’s crystal blue oceans and lakes,” the outlet wrote.

“The footage also shows the local tribe of Na’vi interacting with various species resembling whales and pelicans, some of which flew through the screen and into audience member’s faces thanks to the three-dimensional technology.”

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Fans wanting to get their glimpse at the trailer won’t have to wait long, with it set to be aired in theatres ahead of the latest Doctor Strange film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is set for the first week of May.

Sam Worthington, who plays Marine Jake Sully, and Zoe Saldana, who plays Neytiri, will reprise their roles in the $250 million-budget sequel.

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