Elon Musk talks layoffs, aliens in Q&A with Twitter employees


Elon Musk staged a town hall meeting with Twitter employees on Thursday, answering questions on everything from layoffs and remote work to politics and aliens as he appeared to double down on his $44 billion commitment to take over the company. 

Asked about whether he would make layoffs at Twitter if the deal goes through, Musk was non-committal, reportedly saying, “Right now, costs exceed revenue. That’s not a great situation.” 

“The company does need to get healthy,” added Musk.

Musk also said that top performing Twitter employees could be allowed to work from home forever, but that it is “much better if you are on location physically.” 

“If someone can only work remotely and they’re exceptional, it wouldn’t make sense to fire them,” Musk reportedly said. 

“Right now, costs exceed revenue. That’s not a great situation,” Musk said.
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Twitter currently allows most employees to work remotely as much as they want. 

Musk has taken a hard line toward remote work at Tesla, ordering all employees back into the office for a bare minimum of 40 hours per week. He said he could make exemptions for “particularly exceptional contributors” but would have to approve such requests personally. 

Musk showed up 10 minutes late to the meeting and dialed in from his phone, according to Verge editor Alex Heath.

During the a video question-and-answer session, Musk told Twitter employees that he has “moderate politics” and is “pretty close to center” but said that extreme political views should be allowed on the site as long as they don’t violate the law, Bloomberg reported

Musk also reiterated that he was leaning toward supporting Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for president in 2024, the New York Times reported

In a strange turn, Musk’s Twitter chat briefly turned to aliens. 

Elon Musk
“I have seen no actual evidence for aliens,” Musk said.
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“I have seen no actual evidence for aliens,” Musk said, according to Bloomberg. 

Asked about his vision for Twitter, Musk said he would be interested in it becoming similar to China’s WeChat app, which is a one-stop-shop for everything from messaging to payments to shopping. 

“You basically live on WeChat,” he said. 

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