Eirgrid’s Sligo roadshow to outline future electricity plans


EirGrid has a challenging role to play in leading the radical

ransformation of the electricity system to low-carbon, renewable


Transforming the grid is necessary to meet the Government target of 80% of electricity consumption coming from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, by 2030.

To do this, the national electricity grid operator needs to add more energy from renewable sources to the power system over the next eight years.

This involves developing 40 new electricity grid infrastructure projects,

representing a total investment of over €1 billion during this time,

with Sligo being one county that will be in line for investment.

“We understand we cannot achieve these developments alone; we can only do this with public acceptance and input,” says Head of Public Engagement with EirGrid, Sinead Dooley.

Following on from its 2021 consultation – ‘Shaping Our Electricity Future’ which sought views and inputs from all sectors of society and industry about grid development, a commitment was made to establish citizens roadshows across the country.

After two successful debut roadshow events in Donegal last month, a Sligo roadshow event will take place on June 21 next at The

Sligo Park Hotel.

The Head of Public Engagement told the Sligo Champion that the events are about ‘communities’.

“Communities are at the heart of grid development and we know that when we work alongside communities and take on their feedback, better decisions are made. We want these roadshows to be beneficial for all who take part  community groups, businesses, members of the public, but also for EirGrid to get a better understanding of communities that host grid infrastructure. This helps us to gain a deeper knowledge of their priorities and perspectives.”

The event will provide information on how EirGrid plans to future-proof the electricity grid in the northwest and will invite people to engage with the guest panel, including the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), ESB Networks and the Western Development Commission, in discussions on Ireland’s energy future, and what this will mean for the region.

On the evening there will be information stands showcasing the latest

details on home energy efficiency upgrades, retrofitting grants and

information about community micro-generation schemes.

Ireland’s national sustainable authority, SEAI will provide information and advice to attendees about a range of grants and funding supports across home, business and community.

Shaping an event that addresses people’s needs is something Dooley speaks passionately about, “At this roadshow

we want to provide relevant, timely and beneficial information to

people. We understand people’s concerns regarding energy consumption and the need for savings. We hope this event will allow the people of Sligo to engage with exhibitors from a range of organisations and community energy groups that can share knowledge and expertise.”

“In Sligo it is clear to see the interest is there for a more sustainable approach to home energy and the recent successful completion of the first phase of the Cranmore Regeneration programme shows that where there is a collaborative effort with the public, benefits can be significant.”

Dooley added, “Everything we do at EirGrid is collaborative, from our

consultations on grid development, to engaging with stakeholders on

current projects. Our approach looks at grid development not only from

an economic, technical or a deliverability perspective, but also, and

importantly, from a social acceptance perspective. EirGrid aims to

minimise impacts on communities, while still delivering on renewable

ambitions, that is why dialogue, and events such as these in Sligo are


The EirGrid Energy Citizens Roadshow will take

place from 6.30pm to 8pm on June 21 next at the Sligo Park Hotel. To

register your attendance, visit www.eirgrid.ie/shaping

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