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In the first three months of 2022, energy prices rose by 20% in the Netherlands. Now, Dutch residents can expect yet another price hike.

In July, the Dutch energy company Essent will increase variable rates by another 20-30%, reports the NOS. In practice, that means an energy bill will rise by between €25 and €90.

What the other two major suppliers, Eneco and Vattenfall, will do is not clear yet. But one thing is for sure — energy is not getting any cheaper.

Getting a new energy contract is more expensive

“It is expected that consumers who have been paying a variable rate for a longer period of time can expect an increase,” Sanne de Jong from the energy price comparison website Gaslicht.com tells the NOS.

Will you be closing a new contract? Then the price increase will be even higher for you.

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This is because energy suppliers purchase energy long in advance and they base your contract entirely on the current purchase price of energy.

Higher increase for singles

According to Milieu Centraal, single individuals have to take into consideration relatively higher energy price increases than families.

While the increase is about 33% for a multi-person household, for singles, this is 38%.

What can you do?

Switching suppliers might not be the most beneficial. “People have nowhere to go because all suppliers are raising prices,” Joyce Donat from the Consumentenbond tells the NOS.

Her proposed solution is “cut back on energy consumption, insulate, and hope for better times.”

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To counter the high prices, the government is also planning to introduce a VAT reduction in July.

In addition, municipalities are allowed to give subsidies of €800 to low-income households. However, these measures are not nearly enough to keep things affordable.

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