Dublin councillor calls for bus lanes to be made 24/7 amid Croke Park gridlock



A councillor is calling for Dublin bus lanes to be enforced 24-7 and particularly on GAA match days, after she photographed cars in a bus lane and buses “at a standstill”.

reen Party councillor for the North Inner City Janet Horner, posted photographs of a traffic jam on Lower Drumcondra Road near Croke Park after 7pm on Saturday, when the bus lane was not in operation.

Councillor Horner said that the hours of operation should be extended because the fact that large numbers of people were stuck on stationary buses as a result of the jam was “not okay.”

Cllr Horner tweeted the photographs, as the All-Ireland Football Senior Championship semi-final between Derry and Galway wrapped up.

She tweeted: “Can we please have enforced bus lanes in Drumcondra on match days?

“Buses with capacity for thousands at a complete standstill because a few hundred people think it’s sensible to drive to the doorstep of Croke Park is an insane traffic management system.”

The councillor told Independent.ie the bus lanes near Croke Park need to be in operation round-the-clock on match days and on oll other days, “because it doesn’t make sense to drop them.”

“The bus lanes should be operating on weekends when it’s a match day round-the-clock and in general, round-the-clock,” she said.

“On match days, we end up with situations where buses, which cater for thousands of people, are getting stuck in traffic.

“Because drivers are using the bus lane, it’s taking an hour to get through traffic. It’s obvious you need enforcement.

“Bus lanes should be left for buses, no matter what time of day it is, or what day of the week it is.

“We don’t have adequate enforcement, so people also think they can get away with parking in places they shouldn’t be, including on footpaths.

“We shouldn’t have traffic jams because people want to drive right up to Croke Park on match days either.”

Ms Horner referred to another incident on Saturday, when a long line of cars were clamped for illegally parking fully on the footpath on Gracepark Road, also in Drumcondra, also close to the GAA HQ and on the same road as the Childvision education centre for blind children.

Not for profit disability rights campaign group Access For All Ireland shared a photograph of the clamped cars said: “Oh look what happens when you block footpaths and disable communities!

“Good to see @DublinCityCouncil out enforcing the law.”

The organisation added: “The worse part is it’s across from Childvison and you will often see young kids learning to be independent with their cane on the road, it’s infuriating to see people disregard their safety and independence so they can park.”


Some of the cars clamped on Gracepark Road in Drumcondra on Saturday’s match day. Picture: Access for All Ireland/Twitter

The tweet went viral as members of the public reacted. One man responded online: “Great to finally see people getting clamped… I can’t fathom how anyone sees an already narrow path and thinks ‘Grand, I’ll stick it here.’

“It’s 100 pc impossible for anyone in a wheelchair to get down that road safely.”

However, many commenters did not agree, with one writing on Twitter: “Families breaking the bank to attend all-Ireland semi-final in a cost-of-living crisis now face this on way home.

“Adequate parking around Croke Park is essential. Clampers just had a field day but can’t be found at any other time.”

A spokesperson for An Garda Síochána said: “The following advice has been issued to members of the public ahead of match day.

“Patrons that are intending to travel to Croke Park are urged to consider the following: to use public transport at all times were possible, that Clonliffe College is no longer available for car parking, to use Dublin Park and Ride Facilities.”

The spokesperson also stated the public had been advised to utilise Dublin city car parks and information had been provided on Croke Park’s website.

Gardaí said coach parking had also been provided on Great Western Way, near to Croke Park.

The spokesperson added: “Dublin City Council Parking Enforcement and An Garda Síochána will be enforcing parking offences for all match days until the end of the season including issuing of fixed charge penalty notices, clamping and/ or towing where required.

“Please be mindful of local residents and avoid parking in residential areas – illegal parking will not be tolerated.”


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