Down memory lane – 26 Portsmouth area football team photos from 1982-1984


Portsmouth Royal Navy, September 1983. Back (from left): Tommy Johnson, Steve Parkinson, Andy Williams, Andy Beaven, Mike Patterson, Ian Moss, Dave Lancaster, Henry Millington (manager). Front: Ron Binns, Joe Ashmore, Jim Stephenson, Steve Barlow, Johnny Gwynn.

Here are 26 football team photos from the Portsmouth area taken between 1982 and 1984. Judging by the state of the envelope, we’re guessing most haven’t been seen for decades.

Most of the pictures have names, but some haven’t. Hopefully you, dear reader, can help fill in the gaps?

Some teams were camera-friendly more than others; both Portsmouth Royal Navy – the forerunners of today’s United Services Portsmouth – and Horndean, for example, had their team picture taken twice in 1983/84.

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Clanfield, April 1984. Back (from left): Hank Hancox (manager), David Smith, Simon James, Kevin Borlass, Stan Male, Anthony Butt, ‘Polly’ Purkis, Bill Rayner (secretary). Front: Derek Greves, Kevin Rabbets, David Mew, Olly Hughes, Kev Gibbons, Phil Clifford.

We hope this nostalgia-fest brings back some great memories …

McMurdo, December 1983. Names unknown
Dunham Bush, April 1984. Back (from left): Trevor Jones, Mark Ballentyne, Keith Merritt, Gordon Ellis, Jimmy Wearn, Roger Jones, Barry Spencer (manager). Front: Bob Spencer, Alan Nash, Alan Jones, Dan Spencer (mascot), Melvyn Gaffney, Billy Payne, Gary Knight.
Nautech, April 1984. Names unknown
Petersfield United, April 1984. Back (from left): Peter Dore, Owen McCartney, Michael Clifford, Pete Cottan, Shaun McCartney, Carl Austin, Eddie Bentley. Front: Peter Clarke, John Pain, Kim Manns, Michael Gee, Len Phillips, Neil Codgbrook.
Green Lane, April 1984. Back (from left): John Vaukins, Barry Platts, Dave Croucher, Graham Wiltshire, Gig Thornhill, Garry Lane. Front: Arthur Lloyd, John Drummond, Colin Bunny, Barry Sinclair, Andy Day.
Denmead Reserves. Date unknown. Back (from left): George Ware (manager), Mr Hulme, Steve Faithfull, Wayne Manns, Paul Edwards, Simon Buckle, Peter Martin, Pete Steel, Mrs Ware. Front: Mark Broad, Steve Smith, Greg Munns, Mark Burton, Paul Steel.
Fareham Town Reserves, October 1983. Back (from left): Malcolm Tyrell, Alan Carlisle, Neil Harding, Tim Hillier, Gary Tilley, Mark Tuck, Alan Hallett, Phil Summers, Peter Hicks (trainer). Front: Richard Collins, John Mennell, Paul Marlowe, Kevin Hiscock, Keith Avery.
Horndean, March 1984. Back (from left): John Williams, Keith Dulake, Phil Ray, Tony Milne, Paul Sexton, Bob Berry, Graham Magri, Mike Oliver (trainer). Front: Shaun Malcolm, Bob Musselwhite, Paul Wilkinson, Sandy Baird, Steve Berry.
East Meon, November 1983. Names unknown
Meon Valley League Division 1, February 1984. Team unknown
Horndean, October 1983. Names unknown
Fleur De Lys, February 1984. Back (from left): Paul Beech, Kevin Casey, Lindsay Dja, Jim Smith, Graham Cooper, Vic Morgan. Front: Neil Martin, Ian Cooper, Ian Manchip, Steve Morgan, Tom Bebbington.
Portsmouth Royal Navy, March 1984. Back (from left): Chris Brady, Henry Millington, ‘Bungy’ Williams, Jim Stephenson, Micky Patterson, Billy Buchanan, Neil Hinch, Mick Bound. Front: Nobby Hall, Tommy Johnson, Andy Grace, Ron Binns, ‘Tigger’ Goodwin.
Bognor Regis Town, February 1984. Back (from left): Toby Anderton, Nick Manley, Kevin Clements, Vijay Korgaokar, Neil Hider, Steve Parslow, Geoff Cooper. Front: Paul Pullen, David Poole, Graham Marriner, Mick Pullen, Trevor Cox.
Crofton, September 1983. Back (from left): Paul Thackerey, Trevor Powell, Adrian Bennett, Barry Kirk, Martin Doyle, Andrew Tubb, Tim Wadham. Front: Barry Pickering, James Phelan, Doug Squibb, Steve Jones, Paul Redman.
Petersfield United Reserves, March 1984. Back (from left): Henry Davis (manager), Peter Cleverley, Alan Avery, Carl Malcolm, Steve Smither, Owen McCartney, Len Phillips, John Neat, Alan Goodchild (trainer). Front: Clive Murray, Eddie Bentley, Graham Penson, Shaun McCartney, John Pain.
Fareport, January 1984. Back (from left): Martin Hepburn, Keith Gafney, Clay Styler, Keith Davidson, Trevor Hitching, Kevin Thomas. Front: Steve Collins, Bob Beams, Matt Dyer, John Clements, Steve Cooper, Nigel Sutton.
Waterlooville, November 1983. Back (from left): Frank Middleton, Lee Harwood, Colin White, John Anderson, Trevor Gilbert, Billy Cole, Terry Arnold, Manny Andruszewski. Front: Calvin Hore, Arthur McGoff, Paul Wiltshire, Gary Lamonby, Dutchy Holland.
Havant, October 1983. Back (from left): Simon Pope, Kevin Rapley, Mark Hewitt, Mark Jacobs, Mike Spencer, Tim Morris, Trevor Plumbley, Stuart McIntyre, Clive Hancock. Front: Mark Aldsworth, Sid Smith, Tony Plumbley, Gary Blaycock, Gary Galaway, Colin Boyes.
Petersfield United, September 1982. Back (from left): Barry St Ledger, Clive Murray, Kevin Dennis, Sean McCartney, Alan Avery, Peter Dore, Angus Steel, Eddie Bentley, Peter Cleverly, Keith Tricker (assistant manager). Front: Kim Manns, Clive Matthews, John Goater, Richard Marker (manager), Billy Wrightling, Richie Damerall, Owen McCartney, John Pain, Ernie Turrell.
Gosport Borough, August 1983. Back (from left): Steve Ingram, Tony Mahoney, Tony Stares, Paul Reay, Gary Juryeff. Centre Stan Marlow (assistant treasurer), Richard Reed, Ali Unitt, Andy Lowman, Roger Buckland, David Lappage, John Hawes, Tony Callahan, Graham Wake, Peter Edgar (joint manager). Front: Maurice Richardson (life vice president), Bill Adams (secretary), F Schomberg (president), Cllr A Williams (Mayor of Gosport), Peter Wall (chairman), Alan Hooper (vice chairman), Paul Campbell (publicity officer).
Borough United, November 1983.
Portsmouth United, September 1983. Back (from left): Ian Taylor, Paul Hatton, Dave Musselwhite, Richard Pitt, Steve Sexton, Tony Brooks, Keith Leigh. Front: Steve Brown, Rod Deacon, Simon Elley, Colin Blandford, Steve Williams.

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