Disability charity speaks out over ableist lyric in Lizzo’s new song Grrrls


A disability charity has urged Lizzo not to leave disabled people out of her message of “self-acceptance” after the pop star used an ableist slur in her recent song Grrrls.

ince the song was released on June 10, the American singer has faced backlash for using a derogatory term for the condition spastic cerebral palsy in the opening verse.

Those who have spoken out include disability charity Scope, which said “self-love should be for everyone”.

The charity wrote in a statement on Twitter: “Dear @Lizzo, your songs spread the message of self-acceptance.

“Please don’t leave disabled people out by using slurs in your lyrics. Self-love should be for everyone. We know you can do better.”

The singer is known for promoting a message of body positivity and self-love in her music.

Fans have also criticised the use of the ableist slur, with some calling for Lizzo to delete and re-record the song.

The PA news agency has contacted her for comment.

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