Denver to glow blue for World Diabetes Day



DENVER (KDVR) — Diabetes hits close to home for many American families and the severity of it is being recognized this month.

The disease could lead to a number of health complications but it is treatable and doctors say there are signs you can easily recognize if you’re affected.

“About 36 million Americans have diabetes,” Dr. Jaya Kumar from Swedish Medical Center said.

It could be a very silent disease, according to Kumar.

“The surprising fact is that one in five do not even know that they have diabetes,” Kumar said.

Diabetes is a disease a lot may have, Kumar said, but don’t know they have.

“Another 96 million Americans have pre-diabetes which is a precursor to diabetes,” Kumar said.

Its impact on millions of Americans is so profound the entire month of November is dedicated to awareness about diabetes and Monday is World Diabetes Day.

Look for landmarks around Denver to be illuminated blue to mark the day.

Diabetes isn’t impossible to recognize if you already display some symptoms, according to Kumar.

“Having excess urination, having excessive thirst, excessive hunger, weight loss, tingling or numbness in your extremities, having vision loss and having frequent infections,” Kumar said.

Kumar says there are numerous ways to curb the worst effects of diabetes.

“Having regular physical activities, eating a healthy diet and losing at least 10 to 15% of your body weight will go a long way in helping people with diabetes prevent the onset of complications and live longer,” Kumar said.


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