Cork’s Gate Cinema to hold screening of ‘ground-breaking’ new film about ADHD



A SPECIAL screening of a ground-breaking new film about ADHD will take place at the Gate Cinema on Cork’s North Main Street on Thursday, November 24 at 6.30pm.

escribed as ‘cultural phenomenon that will completely re-frame how ADHD is regarded worldwide’, ‘The Disruptors’ is being hosted by the Cork/Kerry branch of ADHD Ireland.

The screening, which will be shown at a special admission price of just €5 person, will be followed by a question and answer session with a panel of experts from ADHD Ireland.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental difference that affects roughly 5% of the population. Adults and children with ADHD typically struggle with organisation, staying focused and impulse control.

This can lead to overwhelming feelings of frustration and anxiety as the person with ADHD tries to navigate a world that is primarily designed for neurotypical people.

‘The Disruptors’ is the brainchild of Emmy-nominated American producer Nancy Armstrong, who was inspired to create the award-winning film based on her own experiences of raising children with ADHD.

It features contributions from musicians like, sports people like Michael Phelps and a range of other well-known celebrities, entrepreneurs and academics.

“This was the film I desperately needed as a mother of three children with this diagnosis,” said Armstrong.

Martin Finn, service development manager with Cork/Kerry ADHD Ireland encouraged people to attend the screening and seize the opportunity to learn more about the condition.

“Simple accommodations and understanding can create a supportive environment that harnesses the many positive aspects of ADHD, such as enhanced creativity and innovative thought,” said Mr Finn.

“The Disruptors screening and Q&A session will offer people a wonderful chance to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that ADHD present. For anybody who is struggling with ADHD, whether diagnosed, in the process or simply suspected, it is a must-see,” he added.

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